Tourism Intelligence Network

Tourism Intelligence Network’s mission, an initiative of the Transat Chair in Tourism

To locate, gather, analyze and distribute value-added information to enhance the Quebec tourism industry’s competitiveness and help its decision-makers develop forward-looking strategies.

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On the lookout for both potential opportunities and pitfalls, our team of analysts gathers strategic intelligence to help Quebec businesses find innovative ways to develop, manage and market their products and services.

Intelligence is gathered constantly and with a long-term perspective. The findings of this research are published as they are compiled, in the form of short articles posted on the Network's site as well as through its bimonthly newsletter and Facebook and Twitter accounts. Analysts consult a variety of information sources: databases, surveys, studies, reports, specialized magazines, conferences, etc. The Network also occasionally calls on the expertise of recognized experts and contributors from various fields of tourism.

In addition to producing and distributing analyses, the Network engages in other activities aimed at helping tourism businesses with their decision-making:

  • Lectures and conferences
  • Contributions to Transat Chair in Tourism research activities
  • Mandates to gather information in specific fields 
  • Responses to information requests from the media and tourism stakeholders